Monster Hunter Stories 3DS Exclusive

Monster Hunter Stories is from  Nintendo  and Video game is just very popular nowadays and people love a spin-off kind of video games because this will allow then to interact with the environment and change even the worlds in the game. You may choose to customize popular characters that you like and make them rule over the world of the game and let them rule supreme with different purposes. What would think of if the some sought after, profit gaining and user-friendly hunting game is continually changed through time and updates especially when they mount them in Japanese Role Playing game. Have you heard about Monster Hunter Stories which are very popular in the 90s and now they are now in Japanese Role Playing game in 3DS.


In the world of Hakum, a young man called Rider after plenty battles in life, have achieved the stone of the bond. One thing you can notice on the riders is that they are very peculiar kind of people: strong Knight of the same monsters which are seen hidden somewhere and a threat to Hakum. Together with Felyne who will leave his home to go to another world and look for the cure for the scourge, a very fatal highly contagious disease which turns the monsters into a more dangerous in the village of Hakum.


There are plenty of speculations about Monster Hunter Stories, some have not appreciated the image specifically but it’s all different from the manga and TV series. Journeying in the Monster Hunter Stories is a significant thing, together with great maps by which you can collect XP points and hunt down monsters and defeat them for your quests and challenge.

The looks of the game is very excellent very great graphics along with great anime style also the pokemon  ultra moon  which was just newly release and how to play pokemon ultra moon using 3ds emulator  using computer using the , especially the beasts that you should hunt down. To summarize Monster Hunter Stories is one of the best 3DS video game you can play today. If you are looking for great 3DS video game then Monster Hunter Stories will rock your world, we all know that Capcom is very popular in making video game, so we can expect that this video game will give you hours to enjoy the game. The game is like a Pokemon video game yet it has its own style for a gamer like you are looking for 3DS entertainment. You can explore the world by riding a monster on air flying or in the land and you can suit up your character in the game with best battle gear for survival in every battle. Imagine you have a Digimon and a Pokemon in a single 3DS video game in a fantasy world.