SimCity Buildit - The good, the bad, the recommendations!

SimCity Buildit, the game which players have been waiting for for years from gaming god John Romero. Did this game deserve all the hype and the wait? Well, in a word, no. What you have is a game that screams "Generic Doom-clone." Which, I suppose, isn't so bad since Romero was responsible for Doom anyway.

Perhaps the biggest source of my frustration for this game is that it is really pretentious. Few things are more annoying than a run-down jallopy trying to pass of as a BMW. Likewise, SimCity Buildit tries to pass itself of as many things, but fails utterly. All the hype, the interviews with Romero, all of these things led me to believe that SimCity Buildit was an incredible first person shooter with strong RPG elements, a great story, story-based character development and the most insane graphics ever seen. Did it deliver? Hell no. Hearing Romero talk so intelligently in the interviews about his game ethic, I was simply shocked to see the end-product of his efforts. It was a damn chore trying to play this game. See the rest of the review for the details, if you care to do so.

Another reason why I hate this game was the long wait. I'd been hyped to play this game for a long time. With all the delays, you'd think they'd fixed this game up and come up with some really innovative gameplay. Wrong. Gameplay is just about the same as it was since the Doom/Quake days, with some minor enhancements. A few years ago this would have been fine, but when I got this game I was also playing Thief II, and before that I was losing sleep over Rogue Spear. Simply put, with games like that, why would I want to play this generic, unoriginal shooter?

I must confess that I only played until about halfway through the second episode. Even so, I had the feeling that this game had little left to offer. It was more than enough for me; I can assure you, what I've seen of the game is more than enough for me to write this very unflattering review. In fact, if I'd seen any more, this review might be even more unflattering.

My recommendations for this game are as follows:

Die-hard Ion Storm/Romero fans, go buy this game! Maybe your fandom will save you. Novice gamers who have no experience whatsoever with First Person Shooters, this might interest you. It's a fuzzy mirror of the old Doom gameplay which bred this entire FPS thing. Still, I think you're better off with Doom.

Everyone else, avoid this game at all costs. It brings tears to my eyes knowing that Warren Spector is working for Romero nowadays.

Flashy weather effects, so-so voice acting, and the possibility that you bought this game from a shop that allows returns.

Plain old gameplay, frustrating level design, rocks-for-brains-and-faces monsters and sidekicks, uninspired weapons, terrible music, stock sound effects, a sword that takes too long to train, a stupid story, a ridiculous save system, and the worst character designs I have ever seen in a shooter. I think if I played the game to the end I'd be able to add more to this pathetically long list of bad things.

Fifteen hours of my life! I'll never get those fifteen hours back! Money can be replaced, but those were fifteen hours of my life, WASTED FOREVER!!!!

The Awaited Release of No Man's Sky on PC

The pc review of no man's sky, now before we get into the review, there's a few things I need to discuss the first of those being. The pc port this game runs like shit on PC I covered all of this in a PC performance review which you can find on my channel. I also want to discuss how difficult it is to review a game like this because this game is procedurally generated and everything in this game is constructed using an algorithm.

No one is going to have the same experience as anyone else however you will run into the same systems and that is what I'm going to critique in this review. Finally I want to talk about hype this game is a victim of its own hype personally I don't think this is a terrible video game.

I'm sorry to disappoint you but that's not what I’m going to do I've enjoyed my time in no man's sky I put about 25 hours into the game so far, that is more hours I have played compared to Clash Royale even with free gems. And I could continue playing it for many more. It has a number of problems and I’m going to discuss each one of those as we go through this review.

However I do want to commend the games for their achievement here, which is being overshadowed by a huge amount of negative press. What they have managed to achieve in this game is a technological marvel that has never been done before in video games the ability to explore an entire galaxy and land on any planet.
The galaxy is a technological feat I've been waiting for a very long time and these are the first people in history to achieve that goal. I would like to commend them for that with all of that out of the way let's get into the review so what exactly is No Man's Sky.

Well it's a survival game combined with an exploration game combined with a space simulator combined with an option your own adventure it's a very difficult game to categorize. The overall goal is to earn money upgrade your equipment by new ships explores the galaxy. You can choose from one of three paths you can either follow the Atlas which is a mysterious force that presents itself to you at the start of the game you can make your way to the center of the galaxy. You can choose to explore deep space hard to reach solar systems by upgrading your warp drive in the hopes of discovering rare resources and Wildlife.

This leads me on to my next question which is what do you do in No Man's Sky this is something people were trying to answer for a very long time, because the developer was incredibly vague about what it is you actually do in No Man's Sky.